Our Brand New Mindset Program!

On Thursday the 19th of March all of our daily training sessions were forced to a halt due to COVID-19. After the initial disappointment of these trying circumstances, we were left keen to turn a negative into a positive and explore new possibilities for our organization, and our players. This led us to wonder what we could do to continue to play a role in the development of our players, even without physically being able to coach them. After some careful thought and a lot of planning, our team decided to put together a 6 Week Online Mindset Program specifically designed for 9-13 year olds.

The purpose of the Tom Owens UK Mindset Program is to teach young aspiring footballers the importance of a positive mental attitude and a growth mindset. This course focusses on the journey and not the outcome. We truly believe that we all have the ability to exercise our brain and increase our ability to retain information, learn, and grow. This course teaches the vital tools that empower young people to be constantly evolving and bettering themselves in times of failure, and in times of success.

The course asks players to push themselves out of their comfort zones, submitting a series of unusual assignments that force each of them to do things they may never have done before. The aim of this approach is to encourage a proactive attitude towards learning, and to break down the barriers of resistance to trying new things.

The Mindset Program has seen players come together in a supportive environment filled with young like-minded individuals from all over the world. Community interaction has been at the forefront of our program and it has been amazing to see first-hand how open-minded young learners can be, and how powerful & liberating peer encouragement is. Those who resisted to begin with, are now challenging themselves, and approaching all of their assignments with enthusiasm.

Our program started on Thursday April 2nd and has seen enrollment numbers soar with over 30 young motivated football players signing up. We plan to keep you updated on the progress of our Program in the hopes that the journey of these brave young people can inspire you to take the first step towards beginning to consciously pursue an improved mindset yourself.

New Course dates will be introduced later this year so if you are interested in being a part of our next program, keep your eyes peeled. Learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

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