2 Day Elite Camp

Ages 5 - 12

9:00am - 2:00pm


This camp is designed to demand maximum intensity from every player. Players who attend must be serious about their development and be willing to listen, learn and work hard. Our 2 Day Elite Camp is completely different to any other camp. We demand high energy levels, and coaching detail is a top priority. The coaching staff at Tom Owens UK feel a responsibility to provide young ambitious players in the UK with the best footballing environment, and highest levels of coaching possible.

Elite Training Clinic

Ages 13-17


OCTOBER 28th & 29th

December 29th & 30th

This training clinic is on offer to serve our older players. The 2 days are designed to replicate a professional training environment where we will be holding all players accountable to the standards and levels of the elite. The short 2 and a half hour daily format is set up to replicate the intensity of players playing at highest level. We aim to help our older players show maturity in their game by giving them an insight of the standards required at the top level, and spend more time looking at game situations, and going into depth on the tactical side of the game.

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Do you coach a football team that is looking to get in for some extra work during the holidays?

We offer bespoke, customized camps for teams or groups looking to get some extra work throughout the calendar year. The camp curriculum is put together based on each groups specific needs, working closely with coaches and players to ensure we deliver what is right for YOU.

It’s a great environment and the kids see they are allowed to share answers and views. They are taught not only how to play football well, but more importantly, to think about the decisions they make, on and off the field.