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Small Group Training

Small Group Session with Our Expert Trainers

Train with our Expert Trainers in a small group setting. This session type could be delivered by any member of our highly qualified, high energy team.

Small Group Session with Founder Tom Owens

Want to guarantee your full small group training session is delivered by Head Coach & Founder, Tom Owens? Here's your chance! Session availability is extremely limited due to popular demand.

What's Included with Small Group Training?

A small group training session is a service that has between 2 and 4 players that book together to participate as a group. This session format allows our trainers to introduce combination play whilst still being able to focus on the finer details of individual execution of the areas that are being worked on.

These sessions help players build strong partnerships, and compete against one another in a competitive, yet functional environment.

My son has been at Tom Owens UK for going on 2 years now and the improvement has been massive in all the fundamental areas of his game, from his 1st touch right through to creating a positive mindset! I think this is down to all the coaches at Tom Owens UK forming a strong relationship with him, and getting the most out of him in each session.

Small Group Training information

Sessions are available to be booked as a single session, or block booked as a 5-session package at a discounted rate.

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