Frequently Asked Questions

Prescot Soccer Centre (L35 5AD)

Our sessions vary in price depending on the service you are looking for. All prices can be found on our booking system.

Our sessions are extremely rarely cancelled. One circumstance that may force sessions to be called off is the weather, but only in very extreme conditions. If a session is cancelled, you will be notified by phone on the number you provided on your booking form. Please see the cancellation policy question below for any further queries.

Head over to our ONLINE STORE found on our website and complete an order form. At this moment in time we are only able to offer products for pick up at Prescot Soccer Centre (L35 5AD)

All sessions must be cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours notice, before the start of your session. Sessions can be cancelled when clicking on the link on the confirmation email you receive. Please reach out to us when cancelling a session as we will always try to assist and find a solution. Refunds will be in the forms of vouchers only. No cash refunds will be eligible.
All sessions can be rearranged with no later than 24 hour’s notice. When your session is confirmed, the confirmation email has a rearrange option than can be clicked and you will be taken to the calendar to rearrange.

Yes parents are more than welcome to watch at the facility, we kindly ask that you watch from behind the fence surrounding the field. This applies for all of our training sessions and camps.

A Development session is a service that allows players of all ability levels to book as individuals, and come together as a group to work on a specific topic. These topic based development sessions can have a maximum of 8 players per class. Our class sizes vary but our maximum player to trainer ratio is 8:1. For more information about types of classes, how to book and more please visit our Development Session page.

We currently have 4 different topics running weekly for outfield players, and 1 class running weekly for goalkeepers. The sessions are:

  1. Ball Mastery & 1v1 Domination (U9-U11 & U12-U14)
  2. Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) (U9-U11 & U12-U14)
  3. Ball Striking & Shooting (All Ages)
  4. Counter Attacking & Defending (All Ages)

To pick which to attend, have a look at our descriptions of each topic on our development session page and see which you think you need work on the most… or join us for them all!

Yes, as long as there is room left on the class, you can book a single session. You can also block book these sessions. We highly recommend block booking to guarantee your place. Learn more by visiting the development page!

We welcome all players starting at U6 and at all skill levels from beginners to professionals. We do not have a level or skill requirement; however, the player must want to train and improve their game.

Option 1 is to check our booking system by clicking HERE

Option 2 is to reach out to our accounts team to find out when you can get in for a session, if you can’t find what you want online. To speak to a member of our accounts team please fill out the contact form on the contact us page.

Option 3, ask our accounts team to add you to our WhatsApp Groups where daily availability is posted every morning. Cancellations, classes, and available session slots are posted here.

We are fortunate enough to have a staff of 12 of the best coaches in the country. Our staff features lead coaches from some of the top professional clubs in the northwest, Head Coaches of semi-professional teams, and coaches with a wealth of experience overseas and elsewhere in the UK. Meet the team here.

If you can’t find any session availability online, please fill out our contact form and a member of accounts team will be in touch with you to ensure you are able to book a session as soon as possible.

Yes, all camps start at 9am and drop off is permitted from 8am onwards. Members of the Tom Owens UK staff will be on hand for players to sign in with parents, then oversee them until camp start time. Late pick up’s are also available at the conclusion of each day of camp until 30 minutes past the camp conclusion time.

To access your sessions go to the log in page by clicking HERE – You will be asked to enter your username and password that you created when purchasing your subscription. Once logged in, you will be taken to your “Player Profile”. On this page you will see a section called “My Courses” which will show which course level you are subscribed to. Click on that course, then you will be taken to a page which shows you all the sessions. Click the session you wish to view, and the video will appear ready to watch.

Mark “Complete” after you have completed the session to track your progress. Access to new sessions will be given every 7 days after the date of your purchase.

Your selection is only relevant for the first 2 sessions. Your first 2 sessions will be specific to your selection to allow you to get used to the format, and work at a speed appropriate for you. From session 3 onwards, everyone receives the same videos, with variations for fundamental, and for Advanced, so our players can give either variation a go regardless of your initial selection. We did not want to limit anyone’s development in the long run!

Fundamentals – Designed to hammer home the basics of the game
Advanced – Designed to provide more of a challenge for those who have mastered the fundamentals

If after reading this you are still unsure, we would advise you to select the “Fundamentals” option and then from session 3 onwards, you can choose to take on advanced variations as and when you feel up to the challenge!