Values & Philosophy





At Tom Owens UK we offer private 1on1 football coaching in Liverpool, England. We also run small group sessions, development sessions, team sessions, and a series of elite football camps for all ages. In addition to our physical training services, we offer football specific online training programs, as well as our unique Mindset Academy. We work with players starting at U6, all the way up to our clients who play in the Premier League, as well as other professional leagues from around the world.

We believe a person’s environment, both on and off the pitch, is of enormous importance. Our environment focuses on promoting how strong values in football can translate to strong values in life. Hard work and a positive mindset are consistently proven characteristics of those who succeed on and off the field.

We not only want to help our players take their game to the next level, we want to also promote the mental skills required for our players to succeed in life, and be confident, productive people. Our environment is full of like-minded individuals, coming together to support each other in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

We value above all a relentless work ethic, and the ability to maintain that work ethic even when things get hard. We understand that every player has different needs, come from different backgrounds, and are at different stages in their footballing journey… but one thing we try to instil in each of them is the mindset of never quitting, and pushing themselves to their limits.

The difference you and your team have made to my girls confidence is unbelievable. Thanks for your time, your patience, and effort with her both physically and mentally. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed


Our Philosophy is to inspire our players through our trainer’s personality, communication, and experiences at the highest level of football. We want our players to be fuelled by our trainer’s so they feel able to play with confidence, whatever level they are playing at. Our environment is extremely high paced, energetic, and loud. We believe in creating relationships with our players so they can feel completely welcome and accepted in our setting, while knowing they will be asked to come out and give their best every time they see us. We hold our players accountable, and hope they too will learn to hold those around them accountable as a result.