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Here at Tom Owens UK we move fast! Our Weekly Newsletter aims to help people keep up with all the action in the form of a highlight reel style release once a week, every Monday morning straight into your inbox. If you love football, and are keen about developing as a player and as a person… this newsletter is for you!

So what can you expect?

Each week Head Coach & Founder Tom Owens addresses all of our subscribers in the “A Word from Tom” section of our Newsletter to talk about the week gone by, the lessons learned, and Tom provides some key insights about our experiences working with players at all different stages of their journey.

Our “Player of the Week” section is an award given to a player that has caught our attention that week for outstanding performance, attitude, and application. Our player of the week is featured in a photo, and a description of why they deserve this award is given. So for any player currently training with us, this is not to be missed! For those who aren’t with us yet, could this be you?

We also provide a “Word of the Month” every month which promotes a word that will aid our players in their development. Our subscribers are asked what the word means to them, and how it might relate to them on and off the pitch. This is a great opportunity for parents to strike up meaningful conversations with their kids and explore how these words can help them. Our team of trainers WILL ask players what our word of the month is at sessions, and our players are expected to be able to talk about it.

To round off our weekly update we provide highlights from our sessions with our Professional athletes, updates on upcoming events such as our camps, clinics, and FREE live online training sessions, and links to our newly released video content on YouTube for our community to enjoy.

It’s all happening! It’s time to speed up. Join our community today!


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