Media Frenzy Surrounds Tom Owens UK

Over the last 2 weeks Head Coach & Founder Tom Owens has been featured in the Liverpool Echo, interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside, and has now been confirmed for an appearance on ITV Grenada on Thursday April 30th at 6pm.

This media interest has been sparked by the free online training sessions we have been providing every Wednesday at noon for players of all ages and abilities. The sessions were inspired by our desire to keep our players engaged, continue to strengthen our relationships with our players and our community, and keep everyone active during a difficult period for us all.

The Echo feature described Tom Owens UK as the “Joe Wickes of Football” – relating our services to the extremely popular online physical fitness coach who has generated a lot of interest through his free “PE with Joe” classes during the lockdown period, garnering millions of viewers. The piece discusses our businesses journey and the success of our live training, mentioning the “real feather in the coaches cap” has been all of the positive feedback from our community.

On BBC Radio Merseyside, when asked how he came to start Tom Owens UK by host Matthew Salt, Tom said “I really felt like it was my place, my purpose, to really try and inspire the people who are coming through the next generation” and later adds “we try to teach life skills, not just football skills”. This sentiment is continued when Tom goes on to discuss how pleased and surprised he has been by the massive response the sessions have had – “We were moving into an unknown space”, “Every time we try to level up it’s always an unknown space, so I think it’s just about flexing that muscle of trying to be comfortable in the uncomfortable” finally adding “The response has inspired us to do more and be more”.

Tom’s next appearance comes this Thursday at 6pm on ITV Grenada, the regional broadcaster for ITV News in the Northwest of England. Be sure to tune in!

We want to thank everyone for all of your support, kindness, and words of encouragement through this difficult time.

Sky Sports News next??

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